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Rate of Interest

Rate of Interest starts from 9.25%* for home loan (Floating). Final rate of interest will depend on applicable scheme and assessment of the individual customer based on profile and property details.

*Conditions Apply

Please visit your nearest RHFL BRANCH / SAT CENTRE for further assistance.


Fees & Charges





When Payable

Charges (in Rs) + (Applicable GST shall be additionally collected )


Processing fee (PF)

Upfront  fee
(Non  refundable)
to be collected at application & balance amount of   PF  to   be collected   after sanction before release

1% of loan amount in which upfront fee (Non refundable) as below to be paid at application  and  balance  to  be  paid  after sanction but before release

Loan Amount

Upfront Fee (Non refundable)

Upto Rs 6.00 Lacs

Actual  Processing  fee  i.e 1% of  the  loan
amount +applicable GST to be collected.

>Rs  6.00  Lacs  &  upto  Rs
30.00 Lacs

Rs. 6,000 + applicable GST

>Rs 30.00 Lacs & upto Rs 100.00 Lacs

Rs. 8,000 + applicable GST

>Rs 100.00 Lacs

Rs.10,000 + applicable GST


Administrative fee (AF)

After sanction & before release of loan

0.5% of loan amount


CIBIL charges for verification of financial details of Borrowers

At application

100/- per individual


CERSAI  charges for registration Modification and release of charge


For  Loans  Sanctioned  before 07-03-2016-Rs.1000 /- per property will be collected at the time of closure

For loans Sanctioned on or after 07-03-2016-Rs.150/- per property will be collected after sanction & release of loan


Valuation  report charges Branch  to  collect the fee from borrower  in  non cash mode & remit to   panel   valuer periodically under invoice & acknowledgement

After getting the report from valuer.

Loan amount                Fee Payable
Upto 25 lakhs                          - 1000/-
Above 25 to 50 lakhs             - 1500/-
Above 50 to 100 Lakhs          - 2000/-
Above 100 lakhs                     - 3000/-


Cheque, ECS & NACH bouncing charges

Depends on number of dishonours

250/- + GST (or)   charges   debited   by   bank whichever is high.


Copy of Income Tax Certificate

On every request

Will be provided once free of cost. Rs.100/- per copy for subsequent requests.


Prepayment charges/ Foreclosure Charges

Whenever payment made

For  All Housing loans : NIL
For  all   Fixed   RoI   Home  equity / Commercial /Prosperity loan
>Pre-payment charges (without closure  of  accounts)  from  Own sources -  NIL i.e  No  charges  for lump-sum pre-payment during the currency of the loan.
>Pre-closure  charges / Foreclosure charges
a)  NIL for all loans that have completed half or more of the sanctioned tenure.
b) 2% on the balance outstanding as on the date of closure for all other loans that have NOT completed half of the sanctioned tenure.


Recovery charges

Whenever recovery visit

Rs.200/- per visit    or actual whichever is recovery higher per visit subject to maximum of Rs.2,000/- per financial year


Statement of Account

On every request

Will be provided once free of cost for eachFinancial year. Rs. 100/- per copy will be charged for each subsequent requests.


SARFAESI proceedings (Paper advt,, photo, video, possession taken, auction etc.,)

On incurring expenses

Actuals will be collected from the customer


Encumbrance certificate charges ( EC ) (for both pre-sanction & post sanction of loan)

On incurring expenses

Actuals will be collected from the customer


Legal Opinion fee


(1) No separate legal opinion fee will be collected from the Customers. It will be borne by the company from the Processing fee.
(2)  In  respect  of  cases  wherever  PF  is waived, actual legal opinion charges paid to the lawyer shall be collected.


Rate of interest Conversion charges (based on customer request)

At customer acceptance but before effecting the change in the loan account

>Loan outstanding Rs 50.00 Lacs below - Rs 2,000/-
>Loan  outstanding  above  Rs 50.00 Lacs  - Rs 5,000/-


Pls. Note: ALL payments should be done only through Cheque/RTGS/NEFT transfer. CASH mode WILL NOT be entertained for payment.

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